Ramin Izadpanah

Ramin Izadpanah
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Ramin Izadpanah received his Bachelor of Science (2011) and Master of Science (2014) in Computer Science from the University of Tehran and is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at University of Central Florida. His research interests include Non-Blocking Synchronization, practical Efficient and Scalable Software Systems for multicore machines, Software Testing Automation, and Algorithmic Game Theory



Tervel is a framework and library that unifies methodologies and techniques to enable the efficient implementation of wait-free algorithms. It includes a unified memory reclamation structure, progress assurance scheme, and a construct that limits recursive helping. It advocates a call-back centric design pattern to reduce code duplication, observable states, and improve code readability.



Publications in Conference Proceedings

Ramin Izadpanah, Nichamon Naksinehaboon, Jim Brandt, Ann Gentile, Damian Dechev, Integrating Low-latency Analysis into HPC System Monitoring, To Appear In Proceedings of the 47th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2018), Eugene, OR, August 2018.


Publications in Conference Proceedings

Ramin Izadpanah, Steven Feldman, Damian Dechev, A Methodology For Performance Analysis of Non-Blocking Algorithms Using Hardware and Software Metrics, In Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Symposium on Object/component/service-oriented Real-time Distributed Computing (IEEE ISORC 2016), York, UK, May 2016.
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