Christina Peterson

Christina Peterson
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Christina Peterson received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida in December 2013. Her research interests include transactional memory, formal verification of concurrent systems, and combinatorial topology theory for asynchronous computability.

Current Project

CCSpec: is a tool that allows the user to check that their concurrent data structure meets a specified correctness condition. A correctness condition for a concurrent data structure defines the expected behavior of method calls. CCSpec can check any correctness condition in which a concurrent data structure is expected to exhibit equivalent behavior to the sequential counterpart.


Workshop Participation

Christina Peterson, Deli Zhang, Damian Dechev, Resource-Based Transaction Management for Best-Effort Hardware Transactional Memory, In Proceedings of the The First Workshop on Software Engineering for Parallel Systems (SEPS) co-located with SPLASH 2014, Portland, OR, October 21, 2014.